Middle East Conflict

Teaching Them Terror


Remember when you were a kid, sitting in class learning about science and world history? We read the stories of historical figures who fought for freedom and civil rights. We were taught to respect those who are different and to better understand the world around us. Maybe your school was named after a More »

Iran’s Nuclear and Regional Ambitions and their Implications for the State of Israel

In recent years the Islamic Republic of Iran has transformed from a veritable pariah within the international community to a major regional power that wields expansionist and nuclear ambitions. The Islamic Republic of Iran has proven itself time and again to be a diehard sponsor of terrorism and terrorist activities, especially against Jewish and Israeli More »

An Indictment of President Obama and a Defense of Prime Minister Netanyahu

I am getting sick and tired hearing about recurring terror attacks around the world, seeing more and more corners of the globe burst into flames by a multi-faceted enemy that wreaks havoc across continents. I am also becoming almost jaded to it all; realizing my cynicism growing, and seeing my leaders do absolutely nothing More »

Jews Not to Blame for Palestinian Displacement

It is said that most lies are “lies of omission.” This is when someone simply fails to mention critical facts about a particular situation, purposely misleading the reader to the wrong conclusion. The opinion submission “Palestinian ethnic cleansing from Israel is ongoing, must be stopped” that appeared in the Daily Bruin on May 16 certainly More »