Judea & Samaria

Teaching Them Terror


Remember when you were a kid, sitting in class learning about science and world history? We read the stories of historical figures who fought for freedom and civil rights. We were taught to respect those who are different and to better understand the world around us. Maybe your school was named after a More »

Israel, France, Nigeria, and Their Common Enemy

Stop. Arrêtez. Ta’atzo. Enough is enough. Too many people are in mourning after reeling from events of the past weeks. Stabbings and shootings in Israel. Bombings, shootings, and hostages in France. Bombings in Lebanon and Nigeria. It’s time to call a spade a spade and acknowledge the threat facing free people across the globe: Radical More »

Against All Odds: An American Student in the Palestinian Authority

As terrorist attacks continue to mount within the State of Israel, Jewish college students across the country are preparing themselves for the onslaught of questions from their peers. While it is ostensibly not politically correct to ask an individual to represent his or her entire religion or ethnicity, Jewish students are now, nonetheless, familiar with More »