Paid Campus Fellowship

ZOA Campus offers a paid fellowship each academic year that is open to all college students across the country. The ZOA Campus Fellowship is a highly enriching program that is offered on a selective basis. ZOA Campus Fellows act as paid interns to organize engaging and educational pro-Israel programs on their respective campuses. ZOA Campus Fellows are encouraged to host events that are best suited to their campus environment. Upon completion of their tasks at the end of the academic year, ZOA Fellows receive a $1,200 base stipend plus the opportunity for additional incentives.

ZOA Campus Fellows must complete the following requirements during the academic year:

– 3 events per semester (6 total). These can include in-person guest speaking events, holiday festivities, film screenings, student-led educational programs, and more.

– 2 tablings per semester (4 total). These can be tablings in partnership with your Israel student group, Hillel or Chabad chapters, etc.

– Produce a brief written summary/reflection piece about your experiences as a ZOA Campus Fellow at the conclusion of the academic year.

Fellows will have the support of their ZOA Campus Coordinator and are encouraged to work with other pro-Israel activists on campus to plan exciting events and to promote the Jewish state. If you are interested in becoming a ZOA Fellow, please fill out the application below and contact your regional coordinator.