J Street

While J Street claims to be “pro-Israel,” “pro-Palestinian,” and “pro-peace,” its policies and actions prove otherwise. J Street U (J Street’s student branch) holds events on numerous campuses that demonize Israel and mislead students about the situation in Israel, Gaza, and the Palestinian Authority. For example:

  • J Street U co-sponsors events with anti-Semitic groups such as Students for Justice in Palestine (SJP).
  • The group brings anti-Israel speakers to campus to spread lies about Israel.
  • It draws a moral equivalence between Israel and Hamas by placing the blame equally on “both sides.” It does this despite the fact that Israel is a liberal democracy fighting a terrorist group that uses Palestinian-Arabs as human shields and has the genocide of the Jewish people as a stated goal in its charter. Hamas has also launched nearly 20,000 rockets and mortars at Israeli Jewish and Arab civilians since 2001.
  • J Street U calls the Palestinian Authority (PA) a legitimate peace partner. It does this despite the fact that PA leaders use their media outlets, schools, and mosques to teach their people that Israel must be destroyed and that Jews should be killed. J Street U spreads this message despite the fact that PA leaders glorify terrorism and name schools and summer camps after the terrorists that have killed the most Jews.

Please view our fact sheets below about J Street. Learn more by viewing “The J Street Challenge,” a documentary about J Street’s history and actions, as well as other videos showing J Street’s anti-Israel activities, below.

J Street is Anti-Israel, Not Pro-Palestinian

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J Street Ignores Palestinian Arab Incitement to Blame Israel

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J Street’s Anti-Israel Lobbying

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The J Street Challenge: