Students for Justice in Palestine

SJP is the largest student anti-Israel group in the country. While the group claims to fight for a positive cause, it in fact aims solely for the annihilation of the only Jewish state. SJP tries to hide under the guise of “social justice,” when in reality, the group promotes hatred and intolerance. Moreover, Congressional testimonies show dangerously close ties between SJP and U.S.-designated terrorist groups, such as Hamas.  SJP, like the KKK, should not be accepted as a legitimate voice on campus.

Please view the fact sheets and videos below to learn more about SJP’s anti-Semitism, connections to terrorism, and destructive actions on campus. Please feel free to distribute these fact sheets whenever necessary and to use them as a guide for showing students that SJP does not speak for them.

SJP's Connections to Terrorism

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SJP's Anti-Semitic Activities on Campus

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SJP Violates University Policies

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SJP's Founding: Based in Terror

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Promoting Hate Under the Guise of Social Justice:


Crossing the Line 2:


SJP: Hamas on Campus:


UC-Davis SJP Students Heckle and Verbally Harass Israeli Speaker: