About ZOA Campus

Who We Are

The Zionist Organization of America, founded in 1897, has worked for over a century to educate and advocate on Israel’s behalf. Our priority is to support the Jewish people and the Jewish state; much of those efforts includes work with students across American campuses, a growing platform for anti-Israel sentiment.

What We Do

On campus, we provide resources, counsel, and support to students looking to build their knowledge about Israel and Zionism, and to those facing anti-Semitic harassment inside and outside the classroom.

Our resources, counsel, and support come in many forms. We provide free educational events, speakers, grants for programs, informational booklets, and fact sheets to enable pro-Israel education and programming on campus. Our campus coordinators provide hands-on support to students so they can carry out successful pro-Israel programs and effectively respond to anti-Israel speakers and events. Our Center for Law and Justice provides legal support and information to those facing or witnessing anti-Semitic harassment and Israel-bashing on campus.

Throughout the year and between semesters, we offer opportunities for students to get involved in our Student Leadership Mission to Israel, our Summer Internship program, our Campus Fellowship Program, our Lobbying Mission to DC, and the ZOA Gala Dinner.

Why We Do It

We believe all students should feel safe, educated, and included on campus, and we make this a priority for Jewish and Zionist students feeling threatened or marginalized. We believe young people in the U.S. today are a key element to Israel’s survival, security, and growth for generations to come. Through our educational, advocacy, and legal efforts, we provide Jewish and Zionist students with the resources they need to succeed on campus and become informed and effective advocates for the Jewish state.