ZOA Grants

The ZOA helps fund various pro-Israel programs on campuses. If you would like to put on a pro-Israel event or bring in a prominent pro-Israel speaker, we are more than happy to help fund the event and make it happen! We currently fund dozens of events across the country every year, ranging from pro-Israel speakers to Yom Ha’atzmaut festivals and more. ZOA Campus can also help organize virtual events and webinars. Please see the grant application below and contact us if you have any questions.

Grant Requirements:

  1. ZOA’s logo must be featured on all promotional materials for the event.
  2. A copy of all promotional materials for the event must be provided to ZOA.
  3. ZOA must be mentioned at the event as a co-sponsor and ZOA Campus Coordinator will be allowed to attend the event.
  4. ZOA will have access to any sign-in sheets and will receive a participant list with contact information for all students who attend the event.
  5. Grant recipients are responsible for organizing all logistics of the event, including but not limited to speakers’ travel arrangements, promotional materials, and press releases. ZOA Campus Coordinators, however, will help out the best they can.
  6. Grant recipients must write a brief report following the event and submit it to ZOA. This report must summarize the program, the attendees, the media coverage, and the perceived success of the program. Recipients must also provide at least three pictures.