An Indictment of President Obama and a Defense of Prime Minister Netanyahu

I am getting sick and tired hearing about recurring terror attacks around the world, seeing more and more corners of the globe burst into flames by a multi-faceted enemy that wreaks havoc across continents. I am also becoming almost jaded to it all; realizing my cynicism growing, and seeing my leaders do absolutely nothing to solve the problem. 

Once again, radical Islam rears its ugly head across the globe. It’s targets spanning cultures, races, continents, and more. Within the last few weeks, radical Islamic terrorists such as ISIS, Boko Haram, and Palestinian terrorists have struck in Israel, Orlando, Nigeria, Iraq, Bangladesh, Turkey, and France (again).

A Palestinian teenager stabbed an innocent Israeli American citizen, aged 13, while she was in bed sleeping, in the latest string of knife attacks against innocent Israeli civilians. 

Two Palestinian terrorists dressed up as Orthodox Jews and shot at a crowded outdoor market and tourist attraction in Tel Aviv.

An ISIS-inspired radical mercilessly gunned down patrons of a gay nightclub in Orlando, Florida, killing a reported forty-nine people. 

Two Boko Haram terrorists detonated suicide vests outside of mosques in Northern Nigeria, killing six innocent people in early July.

An ISIS terrorist killed over two hundred innocent people in Baghdad with a suicide bomb.

Radical Muslim terrorists killed over twenty people in Bangladesh and tortured hostages who could not recite Qur’an verses correctly. 

ISIS struck again in Istanbul, Turkey, using firearms and suicide bombs to kill over thirty and injure over one hundred people. 

And just this past week, on Bastille Day, a radical Islamic terrorist killed over eighty people after running over countless more on a crowded street with a truck before opening fire on them.  This was the fifteenth radical Islamic terror attack on French soil since 2012.

The victims of the latest radical Muslim terror attacks were young and old, Jewish and Muslim, Christian and Atheist, Black and White, Hispanic and Arab, Male and Female, Gay and Straight, and so much more.  The poisonous ideology of radical Islam once again demonstrated its penchant for violence along with its paradoxically non-discriminatory practices.

Radical Islamic jihadism does not care about what God you pray to, what country you live in, who you choose to love, what race you are, or what gender you are. It targets members of its own faith who also happen to be radical Islam’s largest victim demographic. 

From groups like ISIS to “lone wolves” like Omar Mateen, the purveyors of Jihadism strike at the heart of all the values that western civilization holds dear, from freedom of expression and religion to common decency and moral fortitude.

The methods of radical Islamic terrorists remain as diverse as their victims. They utilize suicide bombs and automatic weapons. They hack and stab people to death with knives and machetes. They throw stones and Molotov cocktails at passing cars. They employ cars and trucks as battering rams and charge through crowded streets.

I find it prudent to remind the readers, and I speak in particular about my President, who no matter how much he tries to lay the blame of the attacks at the feet of guns, Christians, or America, it not change the fact that over the past four years, he has buried his head so far in the sand, I worry he might suffocate. 

It is mind boggling to me that President Barack Obama will not condemn a terror attack against a sleeping, thirteen-year-old, Israeli-American citizen, but instead will blame Israeli settlement policy either directly or through a surrogate.

Wait, I take that back, it does not boggle my mind anymore. I have seen the same song and dance from this President for the past seven and a half years. Seven and a half years of victim-blaming, instead of confronting the enemy head on has convinced me that Obama is not pro-Israel nor is he willing or able to confront global radical Islamic terror. 

He is an ideologue so wrapped up in his own unattainable utopia that he will disregard our allies and pass the buck on to the next problem and/or president in order to forward his own agenda.  I see this in his ill-advised – to say the least – Iran Deal (JCPOA). I see this in the continued blaming of Israel for the senseless terror attacks they endure on an almost daily basis. I see this in his blaming of the Orlando terror attack on weak gun control instead of radical Islamism.

By your logic, Mr. President, does Nice, France and the Palestinians have an automobile and truck control problem? Do the Palestinians have a knife control problem? Did Paris have a pressure cooker problem? If I may address you directly, you are so misguided in your attempts to misdirect the blame for these worldwide terror attacks that many more people will die because of your inability to lead from the front and confront radical Islamic terror.

How many more American citizens will die because of you, whether in Orlando, Israel, Bangladesh, and elsewhere?

How can you sit there pontificating on the peacefulness of a majority of Muslims when, in many regions of the Muslim world, statistics indicate that many supported 9/11, honor killings, killing of apostates and homosexuals (a demographic you claim to care so much about)?

I will tell you sir, a true friend of the homosexual community would defend them, not sacrifice their community on the altar of political correctness because Islam is higher up on the totem pole of victimhood. 

Tel Aviv is one of the gay-friendliest cities in the world and it serves as a refuge for gay Palestinians fleeing the terror and persecution of the Islamic terror organization known as Hamas.  A true friend of freedom and liberty would stand with Israel and not tear her down at every opportunity. A true defender of western values would call the enemy by its name, not treat it like Cornelius Fudge treated Voldemort.  We need a Harry Potter as our Commander in Chief, not a Dolores Umbridge – one who calls the enemy by its name because he is not afraid of it and recognizes that it must be defeated, not a person who ignores the problem even though it is staring him square in the face. 

The United States, Israel, France, Iraq, Turkey, Bangladesh, Nigeria, and the rest of the world face a common enemy. Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said it best, “the terrorists murder innocents because they are driven by a fanatical hatred and the regime and terrorist organizations around the world ruthlessly persecute the LGBT community (and the rest of the Western World).”

Obama fights radical Islam as well as Neville Chamberlain fought the Nazis. Prime Minister Netanyahu fights radical Islam like Winston Churchill fought the Nazis.  From the seven years of constant deterioration of American-Israeli relations to the taxpayer-funded strategy to oust Netanyahu, President Obama has been a disgrace to the American-Israeli relationship, which only compounds his failures to confront radical Islam. 

I am proud to be an American and that pride drives my frustration with my President. I weep and mourn for the victims of France, the United States, Israel, Turkey, Iraq, Bangladesh, and Nigeria.  I know in my heart that we will only defeat radical Islam when we simultaneously and unabashedly stand with Israel. I hope and pray that we will one day have a Commander in Chief dedicated to the American-Israeli alliance and to the destruction of radical Islamic terror.