Teaching Them Terror


Remember when you were a kid, sitting in class learning about science and world history? We read the stories of historical figures who fought for freedom and civil rights. We were taught to respect those who are different and to better understand the world around us. Maybe your school was named after a More »

Iran’s Nuclear and Regional Ambitions and their Implications for the State of Israel

In recent years the Islamic Republic of Iran has transformed from a veritable pariah within the international community to a major regional power that wields expansionist and nuclear ambitions. The Islamic Republic of Iran has proven itself time and again to be a diehard sponsor of terrorism and terrorist activities, especially against Jewish and Israeli More »

Getting to Know Your Neighbors


Today, Israel faces many challenges. People ask, “Why is there is so much hostility between the Jews, Muslims, and the West?” and “Is peace even possible?”

In my experience, before diving into complex questions, it is important to first delve into who is sharing the region with Israel and what are their More »

Why We Fight for Zionism

The words flashed on my phone. I stared at them in disbelief. My friend Sean was dead.

Just around my 18th birthday, I was drafted into the IDF. My base, Michve Elon, was in northern Israel. My friend Sean and I shared a room as well as our philosophies, life views, and histories.

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