UNESCO and the Temple Mount: What We’re Getting Wrong

The United Nations and Israel have not always had the most amicable relationship. International resolutions, declarations, and statements are consistently littered with anti-Israel bias. The latest example of this comes to us not from the UN Human Rights Council but rather from UNESCO, the international body under the United Nations charged with the recognition and More »


We Will Defeat Anti-Zionism

Summer break is nearing its end and the academic year is about to begin. The previous academic year has been a tough one for Zionists as well as conservatives at UC Irvine between being harassed, banned, and censured by administration and other students. Throughout the year, I’ve focused mainly on the negative aspects of our More »



I was born in Haifa, Israel. Israel became the country I called home first, the country that saw me take my first steps as well as where I made my first friends. Israel, though not currently my home, will always be home to me. Living in America, away from my family that has stayed in More »