Jews Not to Blame for Palestinian Displacement

It is said that most lies are “lies of omission.” This is when someone simply fails to mention critical facts about a particular situation, purposely misleading the reader to the wrong conclusion. The opinion submission “Palestinian ethnic cleansing from Israel is ongoing, must be stopped” that appeared in the Daily Bruin on May 16 certainly More »

Getting to Know Your Neighbors


Today, Israel faces many challenges. People ask, “Why is there is so much hostility between the Jews, Muslims, and the West?” and “Is peace even possible?”

In my experience, before diving into complex questions, it is important to first delve into who is sharing the region with Israel and what are their More »

Tearing Down and Building Walls

In Israel, you have the right to worship freely. It is the only thriving democracy in the Middle East and a safe haven for those who seek protection from religious persecution and overbearing political regimes.

Recently, the Jewish State has taken a large step towards strengthening and expanding its fundamental principles of freedom of access and More »

Anti-Semitism Dividing the Zionist Community

One of the largest divisions in the Zionist community is between Jews and Non-Jews. As someone who is neither culturally nor religiously Jewish, I’ve noticed something pretty awful happening at UC Irvine. The Zionist community has been split along these Jewish and Non-Jewish lines and this has influenced both groups’ approaches on campus.

The More »