A Buckeye’s Connection to Israel

This summer marked my second visit to the State of Israel. I’m sure you already know all about my first trip–good old Birthright, they call it. But this time around, I was there for a two-month internship in Jerusalem at The Michael Levin Lone Soldier Center through the Onward Israel program, and my family literally More »

Catchin’ Feelings For Zionism

Over this past winter break, I had the opportunity to be a part of ZOA’s Student Leadership Mission to Israel. For two weeks, campus activists and student leaders from all faiths were given a comprehensive look at the situation in Israel. From meeting with elected members of the Knesset (Israeli Parliament) to visiting Palestinian Arabs More »

Ten Toxic Terms Pro-Israel Advocates Must Fight

Mainstream Western media coverage of Israel is laced with expressions intentionally crafted to delegitimize the Jewish State. The good news is that these terms weren’t written in stone 3,300 years ago, but are post-Israel independence creations. By forfeiting this language, we forfeit our history. Here are 10 phrases we must stop repeating: #1- “The West More »

Today I Was Asked By CNN If I Am Brain Dead

CNN does not have a great reputation for a fair and balanced coverage of events involving Israel. Ten years ago, Israeli hip-hop group HaDag Nachash released a song called Shirat HaStikar. The song’s lyrics include the lines that were found on bumper stickers throughout Israel, namely “CNN Mishaker” – “CNN lies”. I don’t think anyone More »