MYTH: Iran’s Nuclear Program is Peaceful

Iran spent millions of dollars building this heavy water reactor, which is not needed for a peaceful nuclear program (photo credit: Wikipedia Commons, Nanking2012).

FACT: Although Iran claims to be developing its nuclear program for peaceful purposes, its actions say otherwise. Iran enriches uranium beyond peaceful levels, entirely unnecessary for a non-violent program. In fact, more than 30 countries have nuclear energy but do not enrich uranium. Iran also continues to build a plutonium reactor, which has no purpose in a peaceful nuclear program. It also spends millions of dollars to develop Intercontinental Ballistic Missiles (ICBMs) – long-range missiles with the capacity to reach the United States. These missiles serve the sole purpose of carrying nuclear warheads.

Iran has also consistently lied about its nuclear program. Until Western nations found several secret facilities themselves, Iran denied their existence. At Parchin, a base long suspected of weaponizing nuclear energy, Iran refuses inspector access, allowing no one to see its “peaceful” program.

Iran, one of the world’s largest producers of crude oil, has subjected itself to drastic trade restrictions to continue its nuclear program. Western and non-Western nations alike have imposed economy-crippling sanctions on Iran to curtail the program, but Iran has chosen its nuclear program over its own people’s prosperity.

Given the fact that Western powers have offered to relieve all sanctions and give Iran everything it needs for a peaceful nuclear program, why is Iran insisting on hiding its activities and suffering through crippling sanctions? What is Iran trying to hide?

Iran is also the world’s leading sponsor of terrorism, funding both Hezbollah and Hamas, terrorist groups that have murdered many Americans and American allies. In fact, until 9/11, Hezbollah had murdered more Americans than any other Islamist terrorist organization.

Additionally, while attempting to build the world’s deadliest weapon, Iran engages in genocidal rhetoric. Iran’s Supreme Leader, Ayatollah Khameini, encourages his people to chant “Death to America!” and “Death to Israel” as a reminder that both should be destroyed. Furthermore, the country’s national parade is filled with propaganda to obliterate Israel, as well as demonstrations that see the burning of American and Israeli flags.

To learn more about the dangers Iran poses to the Free World, please view ZOA Campus’s fact sheets on Iran.