Award Winning Website

The ZOA has, for the first time, won an award in an international internet competition for this site, the new website for ZOA Campus. The ZOA Campus website received an overall score of 482 out of 500 from the Interactive Media Awards Board of Judges, with 100 point scores in the categories of Content and Feature/Functionality.




What is this award? The Interactive Media Awards™ “recognize the highest standards of excellence in website design and development and honor individuals and organizations for their outstanding achievement.”

Who gives this award? The competition was created by the Interactive Media Council, Inc. (IMC), a nonprofit organization of leading web designers, developers, programmers, advertisers and other web-related professionals. IMC serves as the primary sponsor and governing body of the Interactive Media Awards™. It establishes the judging system and provides the judges for the competition. The competition is designed to elevate the standards of excellence on the internet.

Why did the ZOA Campus website receive this award? The ZOA values making important information about Israel and Zionism accessible to all. In particular, we make it a priority to reach students on campus who are increasingly on the front lines of Israel advocacy. It is important to us that we

– create platforms through which users can self-guide and self-educate in order to learn at their own pace,
– provide varied information to meet a broad range of topics to maximize education, and
– Enable site visitors to easily find their way back to pages, seamlessly share content, and contact us with questions.

We successfully provide our followers and visitors with these needs and are proud of this recognition of making our educational material clear and accessible.

It is not easy to win a web award from the IMA; other organizations so honored include honored companies like McDonald’s, InterContinental Hotels, the Omnicom Group (ad agency) and Alliance Group (financial services).

ZOA Campus, by winning a “Best in Class” designation, was equaled only by the Nature Conservancy, an organization whose annual revenues were almost $1 billion last year alone, and one other foreign language site.

We are proud of what we have started and look forward to offering even more as we continue to build this platform. We update information and add new sections periodically, so be sure to check back in. Please feel free to contact us if you are looking for information on the site that is not yet provided– your thoughtful input is valuable to us. A good website is important; a good website for an important cause is even better.