2016 Summer Trip

ZOA Student Mission “In Their Own Words”

Occupiers! Occupiers! Occupiers! I hear yelled on my campus, the University of Texas at San Antonio, over and over again, but how can any state occupy land that was never a sovereign state to begin with? How can settlements be an obstacle to peace when the Palestinian Authority preaches the destruction of all of Israel?
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ZOA Student Mission Participant on Gush Katif “In Their Own Words”

Today, I felt the impact of 8,000 Jewish families that have been forgotten by the general public within and around the international community. Gush Katif is the community of the Gaza Strip on the southwest border of the country who in 2005 were forcibly removed from their homes in an effort for peace with the More »

ZOA Student Mission Impressions “In Their Own Words”

Aloha! My name is Anya McClenton and I am a student of Hawaii Pacific University. I am a Christian woman with a HUGE heart for Israel – for many Biblical and political reasons. Due to the fact that I have lived in America for the entirety of my life, I have heard rumors and condemning ideas More »

ZOA Student Mission – On “Apartheid”

I’ve been to Israel 5 times now, and even on this trip I’m still learning and seeing new things every day. On this trip in particular, I have been paying very close attention to Israeli Arabs and their quality of life in Israel. As a campus advocate, I’m constantly exposed to the claim that Israel More »

ZOA Student Mission “In Their Own Words”

August 15, 2005, — the day our Jewish brothers and sisters were disengaged from their homes, community and identity – is a date that will remain a devastating event in Israel’s history.

Today we started the mission by visiting the Nitzan visitor center for the Gush Katif communities, where we had the privilege to More »