2016-2017 Winter Trip

A Visit to an Olive Oil Press: Technology and Innovation

Today we visited an olive oil factory in the northern city of Katzrin. The owner, Avner, shared his story with us. He accidentally stumbled upon a major environmental breakthrough when he realized olive residue and byproducts of oil production could be used for cosmetic and house cleaning purposes instead of being discarded as harmful More »

Ownership of Your Land is Ownership of Your Home

We have been spending the last few days in Northern Israel, focusing on the significance of the land to the protection of all of Israel. Because of its mountainous nature, the highest mountain shows deep into Israel, the northern Kibbutzim, and Syria. When Syria controlled the area, it was easy for them to see More »

Ready to Begin a Journey

The Journey Has Just Begun!

2 plane rides, 1 two-hour layover, an investigation( more like speed dating) and 14 hours later here I am!

From west coast to east coast and from the east coast to Tel Aviv, Israel. Hi, my name is Carina and I am the President of our pro-Israel More »