2015-2016 Winter Trip

A Christian’s Perspective of Shabbat in Israel on Christmas Day

I’m thousands of miles across the Atlantic Ocean, not present with my family during, arguably, the most important day of the year for Christians. While my family visits and celebrates the birth of our Savior with extended family in Lynchburg, Virginia, opening gifts and reading the traditional Christmas story found in Luke chapter 2, I More »

This Trip is Different than the Rest

Seeing as this is my 1296th program to Israel, I’ve become accustomed to the standard routine of the beginning days of a given trip. Ice breakers at the airport. Long and silent bus rides to the hotel. Jewish geography. And, most notably, we would always start the program at a relatively major city whether Jerusalem, More »

Ariel: A Miracle in the Hills of Samaria

As the bus rolled up into the hills of the Israeli countryside, I pondered just how lucky I was. Being in the state of Israel in person, to be standing on my own two feet in the holy land, was and is my own personal miracle, the latest in a long line of them.

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First Day: ZOA Student Mission to Israel

Just after finishing the first day alone, I know that this trip is going to be one I will never forget. The struggle was real though, for college students with jet lag to be ready by 8:10 AM. But, it was not difficult in comparison for those of us who woke up to eat before More »