2015-2016 Winter Trip

Eco-Community Rotem, Israel

Today, and this weekend specifically, the group had the opportunity to see a side of Israel that not many programs take you to see. It’s been a really interesting and eye opening weekend and I am really excited to bring this perspective back to campus as an active Israel activist.

As an activist on More »

Power in Unity

There is power in unity. After only a few days of participating in this impactful trip, there is already visible unity amongst the trip participants. The beauty of people of different backgrounds uniting in support of the state of Israel and Zionism has proven to surpass the boundaries of differences between us. The profoundly diverse More »


She is grace, beauty, and light. She is pride, humility, and courage. She is 3000 years old and 67 years young and while her foundation is ageless her cracks are showing. She is Israel, and the heart of her is where my heart lies.

Growing up Jewish in the Diaspora meant that none of More »

New Year, New Zionist

As the beginning of 2016 has emerged, I find that I am able to define myself in a whole new light. I now identify myself as a passionate Zionist, but my trip with ZOA has made me much more than someone with passion, but rather someone with knowledge.

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Shabbat in Judea/Samaria

Yesterday we went to the Jordan Valley, which has an Arab/Palestinian and an Israeli community living and working side-by-side, however, side-by-side does not imply house next to house. The Palestinians work for the Israeli’s and the Israeli’s go to the Palestinians to utilize the goods and services they have to offer. The Palestinians work for More »