Student Leadership Mission to Israel

Making Vision a Reality

My two week trip to Israel this 2016-2017 winter has been many things. Moments of joy mixed with moments that were eye opening. The conclusion of my trip was spent on Mount Herzl. This is the place where so many who strived for peace, rest. Next on the agenda was The Herzl museum, which commemorates More »

Visiting Israeli Knesset

Despite having visited Israel multiple times, and even living in Israel for a year, I had never gone to the Knesset. Yesterday that changed, and it changed with an incredible introduction. I did not just go on a basic tour around the building; I was able to sit in on hearings, meet with Members More »

Life in Sderot: Rockets and Toddlers

I’ve seen the videos of the songs children in Sderot sing as the Tzeva Adom (Red Alert) siren goes off.  “My heart is beating boom boom boom boom boom… but I am overcoming because I am a little different… falling down – boom – but now we may stand up…” the song goes.  I’ve been More »

To the Jewish State and Back: Taking Lessons Back to Campus

Just before our trip the UN passed a bill that halted the construction in the “settlements” of Judea and Samaria and that they are condemning people living in the territory. Not only did America not stop this bill from passing, but they pushed New Zealand, Malaysia, Venezuela and Senegal to present the bill, and Senegal More »

The Land of Israel: Sacrifice and Commitment

Some say a path to a man’s heart, and perhaps even his soul, is through his stomach. A little over a year ago I walked by the local Hillel Foundation at The Ohio State University on my way to class and noticed a sign in the window: “Bagel Shop – Open.”​ I was running late More »