Visiting Israeli Knesset

Despite having visited Israel multiple times, and even living in Israel for a year, I had never gone to the Knesset. Yesterday that changed, and it changed with an incredible introduction. I did not just go on a basic tour around the building; I was able to sit in on hearings, meet with Members of Knesset, and ask questions directly from the MKs I wouldn’t normally have the opportunity to meet with. As someone who is interested in politics and is a strong Zionist, it’s no surprise that this day was an incredible experience for me.

I was able to attend a hearing about anti-Semitism and BDS on campuses all over the world, and was able to hear what it is like for students in Europe, South America, Africa, and Australia. Hearing the struggles with, but also the victories over, anti-Semitism and BDS around the global Jewish community was eye opening and inspiring. It made me realize how lucky I am to come from a campus with relatively little BDS and anti-Semitism, and inspired me to help my friends from campuses with more difficult situations.

I have been to Israel 3 times. Once I came here as a tourist. Once I came here and stayed for a year, living like every other Israeli experiencing normal life in Israel. This time, I came here as a diplomat, as a politician, and as a lobbyist. I came here as a concerned Zionist who was given the chance to meet with the people that govern the country of my people, the country which I may one day also call home.