To the Jewish State and Back: Taking Lessons Back to Campus

Just before our trip the UN passed a bill that halted the construction in the “settlements” of Judea and Samaria and that they are condemning people living in the territory. Not only did America not stop this bill from passing, but they pushed New Zealand, Malaysia, Venezuela and Senegal to present the bill, and Senegal followed through. This bill was a slap in the face to Israel by America and has created a huge uproar. This bill has completely impacted our trip because us, as American College students, from all over the states believe it’s embarrassing that the country we live in would do this to our Jewish homeland when the US has been one of Israel’s biggest allies.

It’s day 3 of our trip and I already feel so much more knowledgeable about our homeland. Left and right we are learning about and visiting the most “sensitive” areas and topics in and about Israel. We are seeing how much these areas contribute to the country and the rest of the world whether it be wine or bedding in Judea and Samaria or olive oil and environmental technology in the Golan Heights. Every second of every hour on this trip I have, and plan to continue, to soak in the education and memories so that I can bring it back to the states. I am definitely receiving a lot more knowledge than I had before and a lot more clarification about terminology and legality and strengthening the legitimacy of Israel.